6 Everyday Household Objects You are Forgetting to Clean

Door Knobs Forget to Clean

If there is one thing that most Singaporeans have in common, it will be that we are all a lot more vigilant about keeping our homes clean (or rather well-sanitised) these days. It can be hard to admit – but you’d probably never been this diligent in your cleaning routine, ever.

However, in our previous blog post, we have revealed that these heightened cleaning efforts don’t necessarily translate to spotless homes – even for the most hygiene conscious homeowner that embraces an elevated regime. Why is that so?

Well, let’s give our cleaning ritual a second look. Theoretically, we all know what it means to “clean”. But in actual fact, many tend to forget that cleaning should go beyond wiping down the ‘scrub-down-obvious’ spots such as bathroom floors and open spaces. One of the many reasons why we were not able to eradicate bacteria, germs, dust and grime stems from negligence. That’s right. You’ll be surprised to find out that some of the objects that require the most attention are the ones that often go unnoticed. 

Now, get equipped with your buckets and cloths (we bet that you’re going to need them at the end of this article) as we run through some of the household objects that tend to slip through the cracks.

1. Handles and doorknobs

Doorknobs Clean

What are some things that have been touched by everyone but cleaned by no one? Handles and doorknobs!

We can’t emphasise enough – handles and doorknobs are the perfect breeding grounds for germs and bacteria, and they need to be tackled right away. Never wait until they become visibly dirty before you get down to work. From the handles of your fridge and cabinets to other kitchen appliances, one should never skip these surfaces, considering the number of actions they get throughout the day.

2. Kitchen sponge

Kitchen Sink

Holler if you are guilty of not replacing your kitchen sponges weekly! We know, at this point, you’re probably surprised by how often you should replace them. But really, this small but mighty tool that we rely on oh-so often collects a hair-raising amount of microbes thanks to its warm and moist surfaces. To prevent the spread of nasty bacteria, it’s about time to kick the sponge hoarding habit.

3. TV remote control

Remote Control

Right under your finger lies a major germ magnet – the TV remote control. Believe it or not, your remote control can be a major health threat to the members in your household. Picture this in your head – the remote control bounces off the sofa, comes into contact with sticky hands and people sneeze on it. And when’s the last time someone cleans it, if ever?

4. Toothbrush holder

Toothbrush Holder

According to a study by NSF International, the toothbrush holder, which is a little-known germ breeding ground, actually ranks as the third germiest spot in the home. When you stow your toothbrush in the holder, it collects the droplets and gunk from your wet toothbrush. Go on and peer inside your toothbrush holder. Chances are – you’ll spot crusty mixture well-hidden within it.

5. Ceiling fans

Ceiling fans

You don’t have to wait till your yearly spring cleaning season to clean the ceiling fans. Well, unless you’d love to have some dusty clumps flung around every time you turn it on. While it can sound like a total drag, ceiling fans should be dusted minimally once a month (or better still, bi-weekly).

6. Showerhead


While you’d probably been cleaning the exterior of showerheads regularly already, the interior of it deserves some attention too. Over time, mineral deposits and organic matter can be accumulated in your showerhead. Just think about the microbes that are being dispersed into the air every time you step into the shower.

Final word

It can be tempting to cut corners when cleaning your home, but our cleaning professionals in Singapore swear by going through each motion meticulously. When cleaning starts to become a nightmare, and you can’t seem to put dust and bacteria under control, why not consider house cleaning services?

With years of experience under their belts, our cleaning professionals have what it takes to get your home back on track! Find out more about Clean Lab Singapore’s house cleaning services rates.

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