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Carpet Cleaning 101

Carpets are becoming an integral decision when it comes to interior styling as they make great signature piece to amp the style of indoor living spaces. Likewise, for corporate offices, having carpeted floors adds a touch of refinement to the corporate flavour.

Are Your Carpets Clean?

As with most furniture/upholstery, carpet traps dust, pests (dust mites), dead skin cells, faecal matters of pets/insects and other horrific allergens that can cause serious health issues.

Carpets can trap and contain dirt that is four times their weight, and this poses serious health threats as it impacts the indoor air quality.

According to the Singapore Workplace Safety and Health Guidelines[1]:

“Indoor air quality (IAQ) is an important subject in our daily life as we spend a substantial amount of our time indoors. Most people spend their working hours in indoor spaces such as offices, factories and other buildings. In Singapore, where the climate is hot and humid, we rely heavily on air conditioning and mechanical ventilation (ACMV) system to provide thermal comfort in sealed indoor environments.

Sources of contamination can include carpets, rugs, laser printers and photocopiers. The air quality in these tightly sealed environments is hence affected by gases (including volatile organic compounds), particulates, and microbial contaminants such as mould and bacteria.

Poor air quality in indoor air-conditioned workplaces can result in potential health and comfort problems for occupants. Some acute health effects associated with poor IAQ include coughs, headaches and eye irritation or connotatively referred to as sick building syndrome. This can then lead to the consequential decline in work productivity when sickness-absenteeism prevails. Good IAQ is therefore essential to ensure the health and wellbeing of all people in indoor environments such as buildings and offices.”

It is thus crucial to have your carpets clean regularly.

How Often Should Carpets Be Cleaned?

As the rate of dust and allergens accumulation differs, the frequency of carpet cleaning varies from environment and the use of space.

Corporate and Commercial Offices

In an office environment, one is unable to ascertain the full source of dusts and bacteria that is introduced (i.e. crumbs that fell from eating at the desks, the places employees have been to before stepping into office etc), hence regular and routine cleaning is important to minimise sick building syndrome and to potentially reduce the absenteeism rate.

Regular carpet cleaning will also prevent odours and stains from accumulating, which can be unsightly and revolting to guests and customers.  The cost to replace the entire carpeted area can be costly if proper prevention is not done from the beginning.

Residential and Home Spaces

In a home environment, if there are young children or members with sensitive respiratory issues, the frequency for carpet cleaning should be increased. This is especially so if there are pets in your home, due to fur shedding and dander. Having clean carpets will also prevent crawling children and pets from picking up germs and bacteria, to keep them healthy and free from carpet induced sickness.

How to Keep Your Carpets Clean?

Vacuuming Alone is Not Enough

Although most may understand the importance of keeping carpets clean, not many may realise that vacuuming alone is not adequate to cleanse your carpets. In the process of vacuuming, the air that gets pushed out from the vacuum cleaner will extrapolate the accumulated dusts that are not captured within the dust pockets within the vacuum cleaner, further deteriorating the air quality indoors. For those who have respiratory issues, vacuuming may trigger some of the allergic symptoms, further aggravating the negative health consequences.

Engage the Help of Professionals/Experts

Professional carpet cleaning company will have the right equipment and tools to ensure that dusts, including bacteria and mold are completely eradicated from your carpet, minimising trapped allergens.

Clean Lab Sophisticated Carpet Cleaning Service

Clean Lab’s carpet cleaning program has been formulated to effectively clean your carpets, thereby eliminating dusts and keeping your employees and family members safe.

Clean Lab Carpet Cleaning Program

What does Clean Lab Carpet Cleaning Program Address?

  1. Carpet dusts and dirt
  2. Dust mites in carpets
  3. Bacteria and germs breeding in carpets
  4. Offensive odours
  5. Stubborn carpet stains

Clean Lab State of the Art Carpet Cleaning Technology

Clean Lab employs state of the art carpet cleaning technology to address the particularly stubborn dust mites, stains, and odours. We have a team of carpet cleaning specialists who are proficient at utilizing the appropriate methodology to tackle ensconced dirt and stains out of your carpet.

In doing this, the ethics of our carpet cleaning program ensures that there’s no damage to the fabric. We retain the aesthetics and texture of your carpet appearance.

Improve your indoor air quality with Clean Lab Carpet Cleaning Program now!


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