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Holiday Cleaning

Holiday Cleaning Hacks for a Stress-Free Christmas

Oh Christmas, our absolute favourite time of the year that is filled with all things magical and merry. It is also a season where we gather together with our nearest and dearest for party bashes and real feasts. Even though social gatherings like these are set to be very different in 2020 amid the pandemic, […]

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Clean & Disinfect Tips

7 Tips on How to Clean & Disinfect the Right Way

Apart from employing professional house cleaning services, many Singaporeans are still religiously looking out for ways to keep their loved ones safe. Surely, the age-old adage rings true: better safe than sorry. But before you begin the endeavour, making sure that you don’t take the wrong approach is of paramount importance. Why? Simply because tackling […]

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Door Knobs Forget to Clean

6 Everyday Household Objects You are Forgetting to Clean

If there is one thing that most Singaporeans have in common, it will be that we are all a lot more vigilant about keeping our homes clean (or rather well-sanitised) these days. It can be hard to admit – but you’d probably never been this diligent in your cleaning routine, ever. However, in our previous […]

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Black Light Assessment on Carpet Rug

Sanitisation Audit & Assessment | Does Increased Cleaning Frequency Translates to Cleaner Homes?

Since the spread of the Covid-19 virus, there is an evident spike in demand for household cleaning and personal hygiene products such as disinfectants, alcohol wipes, anti-bacterial wipes and more, as households in Singapore step up on their cleaning efforts. One particular off-the-shelves product that witnesses continuous surge even until today is none other than […]

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Dust Mites Dirt

What is Lurking in Your Mattress? Meet the Horrifying Substances!

If you have been sleeping on that one mattress all your life and have never made an attempt to give it a thorough cleanse – hold right there. Just because you wash your pearly white sheets and switch them up often, it is easy to assume that your bed is one of the cleanest things […]

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Move in Cleaning

A Quintessential Move in Cleaning Checklist for Your New Home

You have gotten your enthusiastic hands on the keys to your new home and all ready to get comfortable in the cosy crib you have worked to build – till you swing your doors open to clumps of dirt, grime, and dust. Well, that is probably not quite what you imagined. Before moving into your […]

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Spruce up Your Workplace

How to Spruce up Your Workplace to Prepare for the Post-Pandemic World

Today, it is inevitable that the pandemic has brought about an abundance of safety concerns and increased uncertainty around the world, changing the way we work, commute and interact. As offices begin to resume operations in Singapore, one of the most significant changes that we need to reimagine is that our offices are no longer […]

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Carpet Cleaning Services

Carpet Cleaning 101 – Clean Lab Pte Ltd

Carpets are becoming an integral decision when it comes to interior styling as they make great signature piece to amp the style of indoor living spaces. Likewise, for corporate offices, having carpeted floors adds a touch of refinement to the corporate flavour.

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Mould Cover Wardrobe

Ailments in family as mould covers wardrobes

After Ms Ang Hwee Chuin's family moved into their new apartment in Kallang two months ago, all three of them started falling sick.

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